Rates for 2021

Services are available either as an hourly rate contract engineer or as a fixed price for a contracted deliverable job. My preference is to work as a contract engineer at an hourly rate, unless it is a custom software development assignment. Custom software development should only be contracted on a firm fixed price basis using a specification to define the expected functionality and the formal acceptance criteria. I have no objection to a hourly rate for the development of the software specification.

My hourly rate is $80 per hour. Unless you specifically request my activity to be accomplished any other way, these are the conditions that I will use to perform all requested tasks. My hours will be spent at my residence/office at 4 Havershire Court, Jamestown, NC. Chargeable hours are my working hours that apply directly to the tasks you request. No additional charges apply for computer, computer application usage charges, normal US Mail, E-Mail, or local telephone usage. Additional charges apply only if you request such things as travel, long distance calls, or special mail such as Overnight Express. Local travel charges will be considered on the basis of $.00 per mile but my travel time is at my hourly rate. Travel time charges will be determined from either the actual destination or from my residence as the travel departure and arrival destination, as is the most favorable to your interest.

Your purchase order could be prepared with a not-to-exceed amount that is comfortable to you and your organization. My invoice will be a detailed listing, and I generally prefer to invoice monthly in a long term task. I expect payment within 30 days of the invoice date unless other agreements are established.

If you prefer a fixed price arrangement, I will be happy to consider quoting against any written work statement. I determine my fixed price fee schedule by estimating the tasks, assuming a high level of contingencies, and I use a $100.00 hourly rate. My invoice would be sent at completion unless otherwise agreed.


Gene Bridgers, Owner

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