Profile and History

Latest revision Spring 2021

RESULTS MA is committed to providing a high level of customer satisfaction by supplying excellent services and products at a competitive price. Our services enhance your Quality and Reliability by optimizing the balance of the 4 T's (i.e., Team, Technology, Tools and Training). Our vision of how to apply that commitment for excellence has evolved with time and circumstances. When RESULTS MA began, the services and products were limited to Gene's expertise and the available time during off-hours. His specialty was Reliability and Quality analysis, projects, strategies, and educational training.

RESULTS MA was founded by its current owner, James Eugene "Gene" Bridgers on April 4, 1985. RESULTS MA is a continuation of the same business called RESULTS LA when Gene lived in southern California. RESULTS LA started August 24, 1979. Gene had similar business interests for about 10 years before starting RESULTS.

RESULTS MA is a privately owned company located in Jamestown, NC.

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