RESULTS MA Biography

James E. "Gene" Bridgers

4 Havershire Court

Jamestown, NC

(336) 991-5333


Gene Bridgers is a 1962 graduate of N.C. State University with a B.S.E.E.

Gene is the owner of RESULTS MA, an organization providing competitiveness improvement services to a wide range of businesses. The vision of RESULTS MA is "Imagine your peace of mind when involved with a business that believes everyone is a customer and every customer shall be a winner". With over 30 years of experience, Gene has a balance of supervisory and direct hands-on assignments in nearly all aspects of Quality and Reliability. The majority of his experience is with the design stage but he also has solid related experience in manufacturing and customer service. Gene was a Principal Reliability Design Engineer employed by Mercury Computer. He has been employed by Reliability Analysis Associates (on contract to Teradyne Corp), Sycamore Networks, 3Com Corp, Dannaher Corp., MA-COM/Tyco Electronics, Codex/Motorola, Systems Effectiveness Associates, Northrop, Xerox, Hoffman/Gould, Honeywell, Singer/General Precision, Martin Orlando, and Collins Radio Co. The RESULTS MA clients include @COMM, 3Com, 3M, Aavid Thermal Products, Abbott Medisense, Acme Packet, ACT Manufacturing, Aerovox, Airvana Inc., Applitek Inc., Artel Communication Systems, ASCOM NEXION, Asea Brown Boveria (ABB), Avici Systems Inc., Avidyne Corporation, Bay Networks, Bizfon Corporation, Block Industries, Boston University (BU), Cambex Inc., Candella Laser, Cereva Networks, Chipcom Corp., CTI-Cryogenics, Data Translation Inc., Egenera Inc., EMC Corp., Environmental Screening Systems (EST), Electronic Retailer Systems (ERS) International, Ford Motor Company, Fortress Technologies Inc., Frigidaire Corporation, General Equipment & Mfg. Co., General Telephone and Electronics (GTE), General Scanning Inc., Gore Labs, Integral Access, IronBridge Networks, Intellicom Inc., IRIS Graphics, ITEC Corporation, Jabil Circuit Co., Kendall Square Research (KSR), Kronos Corporation, KVH Industries, LANart Corporation, MicroTouch Systems, M.H. Rhodes, Narad, Navion Biomedical Corp., Net Scout Communications, Northstar Electronics, Polaroid, Primary Rate Inc., Progeny Systems, Scope Communications Inc., SDL Communications, Sequoia Computers, Symbolic Inc., Systems Effectiveness Associates (SEA), Teradyne Inc., Teradyne Connector Systems, ThinkEngine Networks Inc., Transmedics, Ungermann-Bass Networks, Vendor Control Services, WinData Inc., and XYPLEX Inc.

Gene is an ASQ Fellow, a senior member of the IEEE and IEST. He was also a member of the Watertown Chamber Of Commerce's Manufacturing Roundtable and the Society Of Concurrent Engineers (SOCE). He was a frequent lecturer on a wide range of Quality and Reliability topics, including Environmental Stress Screening.

Gene was an instructor for Northeastern University State-Of-The-Art Program.

He was active in National Management Association (NMA) and served many positions including President of the NMA Southern California Area Council.

Gene is a past-chairman of American Defense Preparedness Association (ADPA) Reliability Technology Development Committee and of the EDIF Computer Aided Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (CARMA) National Committee.

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